Checking GraphQL Vulnerabilities Using HTTP Tools 5.3.2

15 September 2022

After almost 2 years of vacuum, HTTP Tools is finally back with many updates. By increasing the main version from 4 to 5, of course the appearance in this latest version is also updated. Even HTTP Tools now appear with a new icon.

What's new in HTTP Tools version 5.3.2

The title of this blog is the latest feature of HTTP Tools which is most highlighted. Yes, now you can audit GraphQL endpoints while lying down.

Checking for security vulnerabilities from GraphQL such as Schema Introspection, Field Suggestions, or direct experiments by sending Query, can be done directly in this latest version.

In addition, there are more libraries to detect CMS, OS, Framework, Backend Language, and Web Server. This makes it easier for us to find out what technology is contained in a web page.

Change Logs HTTP Tools 5.3.2:

  • [improvement] New Look!
  • [improvement] HTTP Tools New Icon
  • [improvement] WordPress Detection
  • [improvement] One Click Feature is now faster then before
  • [new-detection] CMS Library > Craft CMS
  • [new-detection] CMS Library > Statamic
  • [new-detection] OS Library > Debian
  • [new-detection] OS Library > FreeBSD
  • [new-detection] CMS Library > Squarespace
  • [new-detection] CMS Library > DatoCMS
  • [new-detection] CMS Library > Webflow
  • [new-detection] CMS > Drupal
  • [new-detection] Framework Library > Express
  • [new-detection] Webserver Library > Express
  • [new-detection] Webserver Library > Next.js
  • [new-detection] Framework > Next.js
  • [new-detection] Webserver Library > IIS
  • [new-detection] Backend Language > ASP.NET
  • [new-detection] Backend Language Library > Node.js
  • [new-detection] OS Library > Windows Server
  • [added] Find GraphQL Endpoint in Page
  • [added] GraphQL Vulnerability Checker
  • [added] WordPress Version
  • [added] One Click > Click Label to Select Checkbox
  • [update] Re-design WP Plugins Scanner Result
  • [fixed] Web Server Detection Not Follow Redirection
  • [fixed] Some bugs on Detection Windows Server
  • [fixed] One Click > Prevent Empty URL

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