Get Web Headers, HTTP Tools 5.4.5 is Now Available at Google Play

29 September 2022

In the previous 5.3.2 version, many users reported that HTTP Tools immediately crashed when first opened. This caused HTTP Tools to be showered with 1-star ratings right away on Google Play.

Version 5.4.5 is an update that brings improvements to the previous version. This 5 times compiling happened after being assisted by HTTP Tools users in the Telegram group .

As an apology, this latest update has added 1 new feature "Get Headers" which functions to view raw headers from a website.

HTTP Tools 5.4.5 ChangeLogs:

[new-feature] Get Headers

[improvement] is now obfuscated using R8

[fixed] App Crash on Launch

Download HTTP Tools 5.4.5 on Google Play

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