HTTP Tools 4.4.6, More Stylish "View Source" Feature and Lots of Bugs Fixed

29 Agustus 2020

In HTTP Tools version 4.4.6, we are proud to show you the "View Source Code" feature which appears more stylish with highlighted syntax.

And as promised on our previous blog, in this update, we have brought up quite a list of bug fixes to make this application even better. As shown in the image below, the fix for the "Free Proxy" feature is available again.

The full list of updates to version 4.4.6 is shown below:


  • Highlighted View Source Codes Feature


  • Simple Listing of Subdomain Results
  • About's URL


  • Un-CloudFlare Layout
  • Listing Free Proxy Getting Undefined
  • Remove Non UTF-8 Character Generated From sublist3r
  • Sharehost is now works well
  • Domain Validation on Un-CloudFlare

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